In the business world, things are always changing and evolving. While it may seem like technology doesn’t always have a place in HR that just isn’t true anymore. With the introduction of digital business cards, there are an infinite amount of ways to engage with prospective employees.

These cards can be used to showcase your company in the best possible way. As well as provide you with additional contact information that isn’t listed on your official card. Here are the ways your HR team can utilize this new technology to further advance their business goals.

Importance of networking for employees

Networking is an important tool for both employees and employers to use in their professional lives. Getting out there and meeting new people can be a great way to expand your personal network, find new job opportunities, or even get a promotion at your current company.

Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it’s important that you keep up with your contacts and maintain relationships with professionals in your field so they know who you are when something comes up that they need help with. It also provides them the opportunity to do favors for you. Like give you a recommendation when applying for a position.  What kind of networking should I be doing?

Networking doesn’t always have to mean attending events

Sometimes all it takes is introducing yourself via email or making small talk over coffee about what someone does for work. Of course, it never hurts to put on your game face and attend a big event every now and then.

You never know who you might meet! Maybe you’ll find that person who can offer you a career-changing opportunity, or even just make some new friends while trying out the latest hot spot. But before heading out into the world and mingling with people, consider investing in digital business cards.

Digital business cards take up less space than traditional ones and they’re easier to manage; plus they’re cheaper too. Not only will this save you time from dealing with paper cards, but digital business cards are more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly as well. If you happen to lose one (or many) pieces of paper, you’re going to feel really bad about throwing them away or recycling them; but if you lose one electronic card? No problem! Just recover the data from your cloud storage or online account and boom: back in business again.

Drawbacks of traditional business cards

Traditional business cards have a few drawbacks that can be solved with digital business cards, including:

Tedious contact-saving process

Saving contact information is tedious and time consuming on traditional business cards. A person has to copy their information onto the back of a card. Which they then need to hand over to someone else who will enter it into their own contacts list. Digital business cards solve this problem by allowing people to save their information on one device so they don’t need to transfer it around anymore! The digital business card allows you to take care of all your contact management needs in one location.

The next time you meet someone, just show them your digital business card and you’ll be set! Take control over how much information you want to share

There are different options when creating your digital business card that allow you to customize. What type of personal information should be visible when presenting your professional self digitally.

Need for frequent reprinting

Another disadvantage to traditional business cards is that they often need to be reprinted every year or two because of changes in contact information or name. Digital business cards save money.

They also avoid wasting paper and make saving contact information more efficient. If your HR team wants to stay ahead of the curve while improving productivity, contact us today!

Limited space for information

One downside of having limited space on traditional business cards is there isn’t room for an email address. Digital business cards have unlimited potential for information!

You can include social media handles, website links, phone numbers, addresses, etc. With digital business cards there’s no limit to the amount of detail you’re able to include about yourself. It’s easy to find company logos from the web too, making it even easier to create a customized image. Being able to edit everything from a central location is another advantage digital business cards offer for businesses big and small!

The three most important things HR teams must consider before making any major decisions are:

Who do I serve? Who am I? What do I do? And now we’ve got an answer for that last question thanks to our digital business cards!

Digital business cards to the rescue

HR professionals who want to give their team a leg up in an increasingly digital world should consider adopting digital business cards. A digital card can serve as your personal marketing tool, with all sorts of data on you and your company at the ready for whomever needs it.

The best part is that a digital card doesn’t take up any space; if you lose your phone, or forget it at home when you’re out in town, all your info is still available to anyone with access to the internet.

Profile and background image

Your profile includes information about yourself, from your current job title to your contact information. You can also upload a professional photo so people know exactly what they’re looking for when they find you online.

Personal marketing

Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce or looking to change industries, having a digital resume at the ready will make it easier than ever before to get noticed by potential employers.

Name and job title

Adding your name and profession makes it easy for prospective employees to find the right person for the job. 

Contact details: From email addresses and phone numbers to mailing addresses, adding these fields helps businesses stay connected with one another quickly.

Social links

If you have social media accounts, add those too. It’ll be a snap for employers to learn more about you and reach out using channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Career page: Complete your page with a detailed summary of your career history and skillset. The more thorough this page is, the better chance there is that someone will come across it who’s interested in hiring someone like you!

Why should HR teams offer Digital Business Cards?

HR is a field that has gone through significant changes over the years, and one of these changes is in how we communicate with prospective employees: digital business cards (DBs). DBs offer many benefits to recruiters and employers alike, but they’re still not being offered as often as they should be.

Here are just a few reasons why HR teams should offer digital business cards:

1) They provide easy access to a resume and relevant work experience.

2) They save paper.

3) They can be shared quickly and easily by anyone who receives them on LinkedIn or via email.

4) The recipient doesn’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail before looking at them.

5) Recipients don’t need a printer to print out the card if they would like.

6) If someone moves jobs or wants to create their own website, it’s easier for them to keep their information up-to-date because all of it will be on one site.

7) Digital business cards allow you the freedom of adding other social media links such as Twitter and Facebook profiles.

8) You can change your contact information whenever you need to without having to worry about printing new physical cards.

9) More people will see your profile since digital profiles are more likely to show up in search results on sites like LinkedIn, Google, and Bing.

10) Sending emails with your electronic business card attached saves time and energy.

It shows the person receiving it that you’re tech savvy, which may make him or her more interested in working with your company.

Allow employees to network more effectively

HR has always played a major role in connecting employees to new opportunities, but now that most people conduct their job search online, it’s more important than ever for HR to stay on top of digital networking trends and offer digital business cards to their employees.

This is one way that HR can help employees network more effectively and make sure they’re fully utilizing all available resources to find the best job possible.

Help employees generate more leads and sales

HR Teams can play a vital role in helping their employees generate more leads and sales. The first step is to give each employee a digital business card with their contact information. As well as any other relevant information such as social media handles, portfolio or resume links, or anything else that would be helpful to potential clients and customers. This will help make it easier for clients to contact them about any needs they may have.

Make your employees look professional

It’s important to look professional when you’re representing your company, and a digital business card does just that! Plus, unlike their paper counterparts, digital business cards can’t get lost in a pile on the corner of your desk.

With a digital card, you always have it available to give to potential clients on your phone or tablet. So they can keep it as long as they want. It also makes it easy to swap out photos if necessary without having to print new copies every time! So what are you waiting for? Update your digital profile now!

Edit and update employee information in real-time

HR teams can take advantage of digital business cards by updating employee information on-the-fly and in real-time. This not only saves time, but it also helps employees feel more connected to the company and will make them more responsive during an emergency situation. And as a result, they’ll feel confident about approaching any member of your team with questions.

Digital business cards also offer less clutter than paper ones – which means you’ll have plenty of space for other things like schedules, reminders, or even a list of questions from a recent orientation session!

Final thoughts

The amount of information that is shared digitally is increasing exponentially, which is why it’s more important than ever to have a digital business card that can act as a kind of universal resume. Your digital business card should include links to your social media accounts and your email address so prospective employers can see what you’re all about in just a few seconds.