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We specialize in wedding photography, corporate photography, adult portraits, large portraits, often at your destination in order to capture the perfect moment. From the shores here on Lake Geneva to the beaches of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and Chicago and beyond. We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that your special moments are held at all times.
For us photography is about real people and then allowing us to draw a picture of that moment to remember us forever. This is a very important story: real people, real stories, real times. We are incredibly blessed to have a team of photographers working with us every weekend.
We would love to visit you by phone or in-person and talk about your wedding, event, portrait time, or video project. Please contact us using the contact page.

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Our friends passed on to Matt Mason about our wedding and We are very happy they did. From day one and throughout the two years of our engagement, Matt has been very helpful, supportive, and always out of his way with us. Needless to say, her photos are the best I’ve ever seen. They knew exactly how to take our big day. Our friends and family were amazed at how wonderful her pictures were, starting on the wedding night. 



I can't say enough good things about Matt. He took a group of people who did not know what they were doing and made hundreds of amazing pictures. It's hard to pick our favorites! It was so much fun working with her, both photos of the engagement and the wedding day. We had a very inexpensive wedding, but the one thing I invested in was photography. It's worth it. 

Lauren Josh


Matt Mason Photography was absolutely amazing. I am not a good planner but they were able to move me through the day with what I was thinking and they helped set a timeline to keep us on track. The wedding party had an explosion of getting photos with the bride and groom. The photos we found back were amazing! I highly recommend finding a package where you can get my life video montage during dinner at a really nice wedding and a video of a day-long reunion.


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