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Open closet helps potential brands in gaining brand awareness and a great market reach. The publication ensures to stay connected with the potential reader aka content creators, social media influences, entrepreneurs and target audience. Our mission is to help your brand get a better reach through our magazine.

Demographics / Distribution / Value :

9800+ Affluent Homeowners Only delivered monthly to Lake Murray Communities

750+ Businesses

100,000+ Monthly Readers/Impressions

Average Income $150,000, Average Net Worth $1,000,000

Average Age 54

Full Digital Platform, Editorial Opportunities, Ad Design

Exclusivity options

3000+ Digital Subscribers that receive our weekly newsletter

Daily Instagram and FB Posts, Included

Radio Spots on 93.1 The Lake Included

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Customer Reviews

The service I received was excellent. The staff were polite and took the time to explain the procedures clearly and concisely. Time is taken from the details of the double test - which works well but can be dismissed. I will be using Vivo Medicare Clinic again and I will not hesitate to recommend them.

Amy Bingley

High Quality and Easy Reception. We have made it possible for us to fly the tests in the safe and orderly environment of Covid. All 4 of us were happy and will be back at this clinic next time. Thank you Doctor and staff for providing us with such excellent service and excellent customer experience.

Martine Agent

Easy to book, friendly staff and good treatment. I'll be sure to come back again. This clinic deserves a lot of attention. 5 * me. Excellent service with honest advice given. Everything explained before treatment. Your choice no pressure. Thank you Doctor and staff for providing us excellent service 

John Jankunas

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