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At Pet Life Care, we truly appreciate the power of human animal responsibility, and our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality Therapy  and rehabilitation for your beloved pet. We strive to build lasting connections with all of our pet clients, and we always think of them as special members of our family. Our goal is to provide personalized care that takes into account the complete health of your pet and the general well-being.
Our doctors and staff are always welcoming new friends who come to receive specialized treatment, and getting to know you and your pet is a wonderful part of our day! Our new treatments and re-treatments will help keep your pet happy and healthy so we can enjoy a better life, and are proud to be loyal members of the Colorado Springs, CO animal community.

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    Customer Reviews

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Emma. She has seen my dog on a number of occasions and she is clearly very knowledgeable and professional. Very happy with both the way she treats my dog and the great advice she gives as well.

    Daphna sivron 

    A great place to learn about canine massage. Whether you are an owner looking for a 1-day course or want to change your career (and your life) by going to the 2 Years of Clinical Canine Massage Practitioners this is the place to go. World-class training, unique knowledge. 

    Gill Hornsby

    Emma is beautiful! My dog is small and noisy so it is often able to injure muscles here and there as it tries to keep up with us. I tease Emma and she filters out our girl. Poppet loves him and always looks his best after the session!

    Robert Parker

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