For many years, networking meant meeting with your peers, sharing stories and exchanging business cards. Hoping to make connections that would lead to future opportunities. Today, technology has enabled us to take networking in a whole new direction.

Business cards are now digital and can contain any information you want or need on them – links to your social media profiles, your website and more. You can even use the card to store files! How cool is that? Here’s how you can use the technology of tomorrow today in order to reach the heights of success.

Emphasize Your Brand’s Unique Identity

Digital business cards offer a number of advantages over traditional ones. First, they’re more convenient to share and are cheaper than printing physical copies. They also make it easier to keep track of who you’ve met and what they do. Plus, it’s easier to update them with new information when you meet someone new or if your contact information changes. For example, you can upload an updated photo for each networking event.

With this flexibility, digital business cards allow your brand to have its own identity that sets it apart from the competition. You may want to choose a color scheme or logo that is unique to your company. So people will recognize you immediately at networking events.

List some personal interests on your card so people know how to contact you outside of work hours or in their spare time.

You should definitely upload some recent pictures too! A great idea would be uploading pictures from past events so attendees know how much fun they’ll have. When they attend one themselves. Uploading photos of past team projects could show prospective clients the quality of your work and give them confidence in hiring you.

If you’re working on a social media campaign. Posting updates from those efforts will help prospective clients see that you’re knowledgeable about trends and new technology. The best part about these types of interactions? You’ll never run out of space to write down your client’s contact information. You can even send reminders before major events like birthdays or anniversaries.

Best of all, because digital business cards require less effort to produce and maintain. There’s a lot less risk of damaging something along the way. Sharing them couldn’t be easier either– simply scan your business card into a file and email it to the recipient. After meeting someone at a networking event, scanning their digital business card will automatically add them to your contact list without any extra input needed.

All you need to remember is to save the scanned file as Name-Last-name. You can easily transfer files between devices using Dropbox or Google Drive as well.

Share Your Online Business Card with All Professionals

With the advent of digital business cards, it is possible to share your personal and professional information with anyone who needs it. It’s more important than ever to make sure you have a digital business card for your personal and professional life.

Professionals from every industry are now utilizing these digital tools to grow their networks and build connections that can lead to new opportunities.  Whether you’re networking at a conference or searching for a job online. Having a digital business card helps you stay top-of-mind to other professionals without always being in person. If you haven’t updated your contact information on LinkedIn recently, it’s time to do so!

Always Be Prepared For a Business Card Exchange

You never know when you’ll meet someone new or have the opportunity to network with someone. You should always be prepared for a business card exchange, but these days it’s really easy to forget your physical cards at home. A digital business card can help you get out of this bind and put your best foot forward at all times.

If you are in a situation where you need to give someone your contact information. But don’t want them to have your personal number or address. Having an app on your phone that has an e-card option is perfect! One great example is LinkedIn’s InMail. With LinkedIn you’re able to share only what you feel comfortable sharing and they do not provide any form of social media integration. Which can make job hunting easier while protecting your privacy.

Make sure to keep your digital business card updated because as soon as anything changes, like a change in company name or title. You will automatically update on every contact’s device who has previously been given access to your card. There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to making connections that could prove beneficial down the road.

Keep Business Card Information Up To Date

It’s important to keep your business card information up-to-date, and make sure it is as accurate as possible. A common mistake people make is to list the wrong phone number or email address, and it’s really easy for that information to get out there. Avoid this by updating your contact information every time you update your info.

You can also set up alerts to be notified if someone shares a digital copy of your card on social media. So you’ll be able to delete any incorrect information right away. Keeping your contact information updated will ensure that all who see it will have accurate and up-to-date details about you. To stay ahead of the game, create a dedicated business cards folder in iCloud Drive with all versions of your digital business cards saved for future use!

The main advantage of having multiple copies is that when one card gets outdated. You don’t need to worry because you’ll have another version saved. Just replace the old card in your contacts app with the new one and make sure to remove old copies from different networks once they’re no longer needed. We recommend keeping at least three versions of each card – an old version, a current version, and a future version. Just in case you need to change something on your business card down the line!

Use Your Social Media Channels Wisely

In addition to being a digital business card, social media can be used as a networking tool. To help you get the most out of your social media channels, consider using hashtags that are relevant to your industry or company (e.g., #fashion), following people who have similar interests and joining groups that may share ideas with your network, and reading articles about what other companies in your field are doing.

It is also important to create an online persona for yourself which will give viewers insight into your personality. For example, should you come across as witty and humorous? Serious? Mature? You may want to use these characteristics on different platforms depending on the audience.

Lastly, try not to post too much! Social media has been proven to make us feel better about ourselves and yet at the same time less satisfied with our lives. Be mindful of how often you’re posting on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This might be harmful if you find yourself spending hours scrolling through feeds looking for likes or retweets.

And while it’s not a huge deal if one or two of your posts don’t do well, over time it could damage your credibility. A good rule of thumb is no more than one to three posts per day. Take advantage of scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to plan ahead.

Go Digital with an Online Business Card

An online business card is a perfect way to showcase your brand, and create an online identity that can be shared with potential clients. In 2022, it’s likely that many people will be going digital when it comes to networking. Here are some key reasons why you should too.

#1 – It’s More Personal

A personal touch goes a long way, and sharing your contact information with someone on social media or in person is more than just efficient – it feels authentic. With the rise of B2B platforms like LinkedIn, social media has taken a much more professional turn, but even then, it doesn’t beat meeting someone face-to-face.

#2 – There’s Less Waste

Keeping copies of paper cards for years only leads to clutter and a cluttered drawer. With an electronic copy on your phone or laptop, you’ll never lose track of your contacts again! Plus there won’t be any physical materials being used up with every new contact. Not to mention, there’s less risk for contamination from handing out outdated cards.

#3 – You’re Always Ready

No matter what time of day it is, if you have an internet connection and access to your files. You’re ready to meet someone new. If they need your phone number, you can give them that. If they want to follow you on Twitter, great! And with our extensive search engine optimization expertise, we guarantee that anyone who Googles you will find exactly what they’re looking for.

No matter where life takes us, our digital business cards always come along with us as we make connections around the world.

Ready to Start Networking like a Pro in 2022?

If you are ready to start networking like a pro in 2022. Then you should follow these tips for using your digital business card.  Your contact information should be easy to find and clearly labeled so that other people know what they can do with it. Include your URL, email address and social media accounts so that others can easily find out more about you. Make sure that the background image is high quality, professional and has an appropriate color scheme. You want to look polished and put together when others see your card, which means not including low-quality pictures or unprofessional colors on your card. Check the file size before sending it off to make sure there isn’t any pixilation or distortion.

Lastly, keep in mind that things change quickly! For example, some content may become outdated over time – make sure you update your digital business card periodically. That way, if someone opens up your card in 2022, they’ll get up-to-date information. Don’t forget to include an updated date on the bottom corner so everyone knows when the last update was made! Now that you have a better understanding of how to use your digital business card in 2022, I hope this helps. Happy New Year!

A Quick Wrap

The business card is arguably one of the most important and effective ways to network. It’s a tangible item that you can hand to someone, and it provides them with a direct line to your personal brand and website. But what about in 2022? Will the business card still be relevant? The answer is yes, but there are going to be some changes. If you have any hope of effectively networking in 2022, here are some tips for using digital business cards.  

Include links to all other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn so people can find more information about you without having to ask for it or wait for an email response. Use different colors on your digital business card so they stand out when scrolling through their phone. Always include a link back to your website at the bottom of your contact information page. Be sure to save time before conferences, meetings, events or calls by sending yourself an email reminder 15 minutes beforehand with everything you need to know written down. And lastly, create a cover photo for all of your profiles on each platform where you have contact information listed!