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Vested Credit does more than your typical credit repair company we suggest taking 1 min to fill out the survey below. The questions asked, along with your answers will aid us in identifying how best to serve you in our program. You might be surprised to find out that all of the questions while not directly related to your initial needs of Credit repair and education can lead to a very powerful tool you can have at your disposal to help resolve & even eliminate a lot of every day issues all of us face. This is one of the ways Vested Credit is different as we strive to protect and empower not just you, but your entire family. 

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They helped me recover my debt. Before they helped me I could not get a loan and after help I got a loan and credit cards. I went from bad to worse. I am so grateful for their help as I had incorrect information in my file that did not properly identify anyone to whom I was trying to get credit. It is well worth the time and effort.

Eugenia of Lynchburg

The debt counselor was very helpful, professional, concerned, patient and listened to my questions and then gave me advice and made sure I knew what it meant to fix my debt with options to better help my debt and debts.

The customer counselor I spoke to was polite and efficient. He was very patient and diligent in answering all my questions and did not take long. He helped me solve my problem. I recommend this company, they are experts and help improve your credit.

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