You’ve probably heard the hype about making the switch to digital business cards. They’re easier to carry, more environmentally friendly, and you can trade them with fellow professionals at networking events. But how many people have actually made the switch?

Not many, yet! Don’t be left behind as others benefit from their smart choice to go digital! Here are 10 reasons why it’s time to make the switch from traditional business cards to digital ones.

The advantages of digital business cards over traditional paper ones

1. They’re more convenient than traditional business cards. No more fumbling around in your wallet or purse for a business card when you need it. With a digital business card, all you need is your phone.

2. They’re more environmentally friendly than traditional business cards. No more paper waste!

3. They allow you to stand out from the competition. With so many people using traditional business cards, a digital card will help you make a lasting impression.

4. They’re cheaper and easier to produce than traditional business cards.

5. There are no design limitations with digital business cards—you can customize them any way you want.

6. Personalizing your contact information ensures that the recipient remembers you better, which increases your chances of converting them into a customer down the line—which is exactly what any small business owner wants to do these days!

7. It’s easier to keep track of how many people have viewed your card.

8. Your contact information is always up-to-date since it automatically syncs across all devices (phones, tablets, laptops).

9. It makes networking events much less awkward since there’s nothing stopping you from handing out your card on-the-spot at an event like a meeting or trade show (if someone doesn’t have their own electronic device on hand). 10. And finally, it makes sending follow-up messages to prospects who haven’t responded yet much easier because you don’t have to send your business card again.

The first sentence should be If you’re not already using digital business cards, now is the time to make the switch.

Your customers and clients will appreciate the convenience

In today’s digital world, it’s important to be able to keep up with the latest technology. That’s why switching to digital business cards is a great idea! Not only will your customers and clients appreciate the convenience, but you’ll also be able to keep track of your contacts more easily.

Plus, you can include more information on your digital business card than you can on a traditional one, and you can even add links to your website or social media profiles. With the advent of QR codes, now anyone can scan a QR code with their phone and view what they want without having to type in any URL address. And this means that your contact information will always be at their fingertips!

You’ll be doing your part to help save the planet

Traditional business cards are made from virgin wood pulp, which means they come from trees that were specifically cut down for the purpose of making paper. So, by switching to digital business cards, you’ll be doing your part to help save the planet.

And as we all know, saving the planet is a great thing! Not only will you be preventing deforestation and saving resources like water and energy, but you’ll also be creating less waste in landfills.

Digital business cards are more effective than traditional business cards

1. They’re more convenient – you can store them on your phone and pull them up anytime, anywhere.

2. They’re more environmentally friendly – no need to print them out on paper!

3. They’re more customizable – you can include links to your website, social media, and more.

4. They’re more engaging – with a digital business card, you can include multimedia content like videos and images.

5. They’re less expensive – printing and distributing traditional business cards is expensive, but you don’t have that expense when sending a digital one via email or text message.

6. They allow for instant sharing – after scanning someone’s contact information from their card, you can immediately send it to other people in your contacts list who may be interested in what they do too.

7. They make networking easier – before meeting someone at an event, you can check if they’ve shared any of their personal info through their digital business card by clicking on the link to their LinkedIn profile.

8. They make networking easier – because everyone has a smartphone these days, all you need is your phone number and email address to share yours.

9. They give you better control over your privacy – unlike traditional business cards which anyone can take without permission, if someone wants to scan your digital business card they’ll need explicit permission first.

10. They work well offline too – even without wifi or data service, you’ll still be able to access your digital business card since it will also be stored locally on your device.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should switch to digital business cards.

Everything is clickable

Perhaps the most obvious reason to make the switch to digital business cards is that everything on them is clickable. That means that you can put your website, social media links, and contact information all on one card that takes up less space than a traditional business card.

Additionally, it allows you to update your contact information in just seconds instead of having to worry about ordering new cards or taking time out of your day to go to the post office. Lastly, digital business cards are a great way to save money.  

They are easy to design

With a digital business card, you can design your card exactly how you want it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic designer or not- there are plenty of tools that allow you to create your own cards from scratch and then customize them however you like.

The process is quick and easy, which means that anyone with an idea for their card can be designing in no time at all!

You can track when they are viewed

Traditional business cards often get lost in the shuffle, but with digital cards, you can track when they are viewed. This helps you to follow up with potential customers and make sure your information is getting in front of the right people. Plus, you can see how many times a person has viewed your card, which can give you an idea of how interested they are in your products or services.

With paper business cards, there’s no way to tell who saw it or how many times it was seen. No waiting for mail: Sending traditional cards through the mail can take days or weeks for them to arrive at their destination. With digital business cards, there’s no wait time for sending them out! They’re delivered instantly so you never have to worry about losing another lead because your potential customer had just left before receiving their card in the mail.   

Reach Your Customers Anywhere, Anytime

With digital business cards, you can reach your customers anywhere, anytime. There’s no need to wait for them to come to your office or store; you can send them your card instantly via email, text, or social media. The best part is that it’s so easy!

Simply select a template and upload your contact information – then you’re ready to share! Some of our favorite templates are classic black and white, brightly colored circles and sleek modern designs. Upload your contact information and get started today!  

You don’t have to worry about losing them

One of the best things about digital business cards is that you don’t have to worry about losing them. If you’ve ever lost a physical business card, you know how frustrating it can be.

With a digital card, you can always access it via your phone or computer. Plus, if you’re going to events and networking with new people all the time, then being able to upload and delete as needed will make things easier for you! Plus, there’s no need for any additional supplies like envelopes or paper.  

A Quick Wrap

Digital business cards are an easy way to keep your contact information readily available, and they’re much more eco-friendly than traditional cards. Plus, digital cards can include more information than their physical counterparts, and they’re easy to update if your information changes.

All it takes is a quick swipe of your thumb on any screen. And since these cards live only on your phone, there’s no risk of losing them when you’re out and about!